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As an early subscriber, you'll receive personalized assistance from our team to help you achieve success as a host on GFOOD App. Whether you need help setting up your profile or want advice on pricing your meals, our team is here to help you every step of the way.

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By joining GFOOD App as an early subscriber, you'll have the opportunity to be featured prominently on our website and social media channels. This increased exposure can help you attract more guests and build your reputation as a top Host.

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As an early subscriber, you'll receive a free $25 credit to take a start as a host on GFOOD App. Use this credit to set up your profile, host your first meal, or invite guests to try your culinary creations. This is a great way to get started on GFOOD App without any upfront costs and start earning money right away.



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Frequently Asked Questions

GFOOD App is an online platform that connects passionate home cooks with guests who are looking for unique dining experiences. As a host on GFOOD App, you can set up your profile, showcase your culinary creations, and earn money by hosting meals for guests.

To book a cuisine follow the next steps:
  • When open the app tap “choose your choice of cuisine”, the app will show available cuisine near your location via GPS.
  • If you need to change the location, type in your exact address. You can also input your location there
  • Choose “desired cuisine, select a day and time
  • If you’re getting message “No cuisine available”, please wait a couple of minutes and try to request again.

To get started, create a profile as a host on GFOOD App and start publishing your culinary/menu/meals. Once your menu is ready, guests can book your meals and pay for them through the platform. As a host, you'll receive payment after the meal is completed. GFOOD App also provides support and assistance throughout the process to ensure a smooth experience for both hosts and guests.

To become a host on GFOOD App, simply install our app and create a profile as a host. You'll need to provide information about your cooking experience, menu ideas, and location. Once your profile is approved, you can start creating menus and hosting meals for guests.

To become a host on GFOOD App, you must be a passionate home cook with a desire to share your culinary skills with others. You must also be located in a city where GFOOD operates (For instance we're operating in San Antonio and Austin). Additionally, you'll need to meet our requirements for food safety and hygiene.

The amount you can earn as a host on GFOOD App depends on a variety of factors, including the number of meals you host, your menu prices, and the number of guests you attract. We encourage hosts to set competitive prices and offer unique dining experiences to attract more guests and earn more money.

In GFOOD we appreciate the hosts’ time and, thus, we always compensate the time spent on preparing your cuisine. Unless cancelled before cancelation time
  • You cancelled cuisine in 24 hours after you have accepted the request.
  • You are late for more than 30 minutes after booked time, and you didn’t contact the host to let him/her know about your delay.
Host doesn’t charged a cancellation fee, if:
  • You cancelled in first 10 minutes after making request
  • User is late for more than 30 minutes (after ETA, which you’ve accepted while made request
  • Mention that if you are late, you can notify driver that you are late via call or sms.

Food safety and hygiene are top priorities for GFOOD platform. We require all hosts to follow local regulations and guidelines for food safety and hygiene. We also provide hosts with resources and guidance to ensure that their meals are prepared and served safely. Additionally, we collect feedback from guests to ensure that hosts are meeting our standards for safety and hygiene.